Black Hole - Charles Burns

Black Hole - Charles Burns

Finally managed to get this one finished.

Cover/loop of a Ben Frost track I made using GarageBand app for iPhone.

Work in progress. Attempt to mimic wolf vocalization.

Work in progress. Made with Ableton. I have some sort of inability to make a track last longer than 3 minutes it seems.

Loop #1 | OverheadCablesHumming

Paresthesia | OverheadCablesHumming


We already saw Björk driving a car whilst listening to her forthcoming single Crystalline, but here is a better quality snippet of that new song. The single should be out later this month (June 30, apparently); can’t wait to hear this in full.

UPDATEAudio replaced with the full song. Björk reclaims whatever throne she used to have.

Kelvin | OverheadCablesHumming